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  • Why I recommend Garaga

    Garage doors by Garaga: guarantee of durability, solidity, and style!

    Garaga has manufactured garage doors for over 30 years, earning them the well-deserved reputation for the quality and reliability of its products, which meet the highest industry standards. What’s more, Garaga has created the Garaga Experts network, a select group of professionals who meet stringent requirements for knowledge, experience and reputation in the field of customer service, sales consulting, installation and technical services. SGM Garage Doors is proud to be part of this network, because we believe that with Garaga, the work is always well done!

    For unmatched performance

    The garage doors from Garaga are built to withstand the most severe weather conditions, such as those often experienced in Lunenburg, Bridgewater, Chester and all over Nova Scotia. When selecting the level of insulation for your door, you should consider two factors: the type of use and the position of your garage in relation to your home. If you want to keep a constant, comfortable temperature inside your garage, then you have to choose a door with a higher level of thermal performance. In this case, we recommend a higher R-value of insulation, R-16 or R-12.

    For solidity

    There is no secret. What gives unmatched robustness to a garage door is the injection of polyurethane foam which bonds perfectly between the two panels forming the walls. This type of insulation is very dense and when it is injected, spreads evenly, increases in volume and hardens quickly.

    To have a better idea of the stress your garage door has to withstand, and understand the importance of choosing a quality brand such as that offered by Garaga, watch the video Garage Doors are a Tough Breed.

    Styles adapted to local preferences

    We love the diversity of styles and models of doors available from Garaga. This diversity offers the opportunity of creating interesting and harmonious layouts. Here are some designs that would add a distinguished look to your home.

    Raised Panel Rectangular MIX: with this option, models Standard+ and Acadia 138 boast a unique and classic style. It is the combination of two different patterns on the same door that gives it that distinctive touch.

    MIX model

    Raised Panel Rectangular XL: these panels have rectangular elongated patterns. They give a clean and simple look and are available for the Standard+, Acadia 138, Alterna (Uniforce), Alterna II (Dualforce) and Triforce models. Various styles of homes will be enhanced by the timeless character of these panels.

    XL model

    Carriage House LP: this type of embossing produces elongate rectangular patterns inlayed with vertical lines. Here, the rustic look is showcased! If this style appeals to you, North Hatley and Stratton 138 doors are the perfect choice!

    LP model

    Eastman Estate series: these designs are unique to Eastman Estate doors. This collection offers you 6 choices of patterns with PVC overlays. If you decide to add decorative hardware and a panoramic arch window, the final result will be amazing!

    Eastman Estate

    Cambridge series: whether you prefer the stretched, traditional or condensed rectangular design, the Cambridge series is perfect for traditional style houses.


    For a greater choice of options and designs, visit our image gallery. Are you convinced and ready to take action? Get a free estimate online!


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