SGM Doors Ltd: your local commercial and industrial garage door experts

SGM Doors Ltd, located in Blockhouse, can provide architects and builders with sound advice for every step involved in selecting, designing, installing and maintaining their commercial or industrial garage door.

Do you need garage door advice? You can get in touch with us so we can arrange a meeting to discuss your customer’s exact garage door needs. We will look at the type of building, style of door, and usage needs, and offer options that you can choose for your customer.

How can an expert help you?

Not many building experts and architects are familiar with the unique variables involved in choosing the right garage door. That is where SGM Doors Ltd comes in. We can explain the intricacies and help you with the design and installation.

A garage door expert can help with more than the technical details. We can make sure that you get the kind of equipment that will provide the most value. If you get a heavy duty door, but do not use it heavily, for example, you will spend more than you need to on the project. However, if you get a model that is too light, you will certainly have to deal with maintenance and replacement costs in the future.

We can help you find that ideal balance between function and price. We even have our own rating system that allows our clients to choose from light duty, heavy duty and super heavy duty equipment based on the intended usage of the overhead door.

A look at the basics of selecting a garage door

The first step is to select the overhead door with an expert’s help. We will walk you through the process of choosing the door system that provides the right amount of sturdiness for your customer’s needs.

Once you have a door design, you still need to select a garage door opener and also decide if you need additional safety features. At this point, you will also need to choose windows and any other design elements that your customer requires.

What to look for in a garage door expert

Because they can help cut initial price and help avoid future maintenance and replacement costs, working with a garage door expert like us is a great investment.

Why are we experts? As Garaga commercial and industrial overhead door professionals, SGM Doors Ltd has extensive knowledge and ample experience when it comes to working with of these types of doors. We have worked with them on real projects in real world settings. This makes us confident enough to guarantee satisfaction for every project that we undertake.

We serve Lunenburg/Queens County, Annapolis Valley, Halifax, Kentville, Bedford, Dartmouth and surrounding areas (including Bridgewater and Chester).

We also have a preventive maintenance program that will help all your customers keep their doors in optimal working condition for the long term. This simple maintenance can help them avoid more-costly repairs during the lifetime of their garage door.

Take the worry out of garage door design and installation

Whether you choose a standard overhead door, or any other type of garage door, you want to make certain that you are getting the best equipment for your needs and the best value for the investment. You also want to be sure that the installation and ongoing maintenance are being handled by skilled professionals. We can take the worry out of the entire process for both you and your customers.

We are always seeking new opportunities to work with architects and builders in Blockhouse and the surrounding region. Call us now at 902-624-8993 or get a free quote by completing the form on our website.

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